United Neighborhood Initiative

Final PDF Deliverable

This was a 2.5 month long group project in which we were creating a business/organization and designing the branding, interaction and service design. The organization that our group created was United Neighborhood Initiative (UNI). The idea for this organization was the desire to take something like TED talks/conferences and merge them with actual action within small communities. Basically, tackling global change by igniting local action. UNI would basically act as a facilitator for the tools that the community needs through education, connections, and service. There would be an annual national conference held every year (open also to the public)  in a different location that would host key note speakers on the big issues, open forums for local chapters to discuss problems that they have within their communities in an effort to receive ideas and contributions from members of other chapters, as well as vendors for supplies and materials that your chapter could need. The website and mobile app also act as a facilitator for communication and connection between local chapters as well as between the local and national levels. One service that UNI would offer is a community tool shed (The Tool Shed). This would be a community tool rental facility, so that local chapters or members would be able to rent out tools to easily execute their projects.

Each of the members of our team had a branding, interaction, or service touch point of a different scale. Together we developed the brand foundation (typeface, logo type, language, etc.) and individually we worked on our touch points. The touch points I worked on were large scale branding (way finding signage for conventions), medium scale interaction (member achievement badges on web and mobile devices), and small scale service (a community tool rental facility). Pleas view the Final Deliverable PDF for a detailed Brand Guide for our brand foundation as well as the touch points that I designed. (The touch points of my group mates are not included.)