An iMag app for an iPad that was a publication based on the topic of the two texts that we had used for our modern and traditional books. This iMag contains political articles that are written by the everyday person. The title reflects this because politics can be misleading just like my title. Since the title doesn’t reflect politics, I want it to attract an audience that wouldn’t normally be interested in reading about this topic. The symbolism of the imagery is inspired by the point of view that in politics, nothing is ever as it seems and that in order to make the bill pass, they distract the public with a pretty face or a different issue. With in my iMag, the colour scheme would be pulled from the colour of the masthead, which would change with every issue. Also, for the cover of the iMag, there would always be this hybrid of images (pulling from hybrid of a spork). One of the images would be a method of distraction, in this case a sexy picture of a woman, and the other image would be one of political nature. I chose this particular image because of the content of the Frank Zappa essay, in which he speaks in depth against the censorship of vulgarity and sensuality within music lyrics and music videos. All imagery is found but the layout and concept is original.