This project is a publication design for print and web mediums. We were asked to choose a topic that interests us and then find content, design, and produce a final product. The topic that I chose was screen-printing. I wanted the magazine to be targeted not only for professional screen-printers but also amateur/hobby screen-printers. The content ranges from techniques and product reviews to highlighted artists and printing presses. We also had to design a subscription card, in-house ad for the website, and 2 ads within the publication. I also wanted the feel of the magazine to be more “collectable” than just another magazine. The cover is hand screen-printed on Arches stock, giving a really tactile feel to the magazine. The name PULL comes from the process of pulling the ink through the screen within the process of screen-printing. PULL has 3 Departments: Flood, Pull, and Print. The content of each of these departments is characterized by the name. The content within Flood has to do with techniques, product reviews, and the editor’s pull. In general this is a section about prepping. The content within Pull is considered the feature well. This is going to be the articles based around a current popular artist within the screen-printing community. The Pull section plays off this idea of currently in progress and the process of the artists. Finally, in the Print section, the articles are about current press’, a featured print run, and a final pull. These articles are generally about a printing press and their work as a whole and final pieces, they play off of the idea of the finished piece. For the web portion, I didn’t want to loose that feeling of browsing a magazine. So, I created a simple design in which the viewer would simply just flip through the pages on the website.