Planning Your Day Hike

This project was assigned as an introduction project for our semester topic of user experience/interaction design. We were asked to investigate an experience that we have had and could re-experience over the course of the project. We were then assigned an aspect of design to focus on for the project, I was assigned way-finding. The experience I chose was hiking in a state park. Even though the assignment was to communicate an experience, I also wanted to illustrate how the experience could be recreated by other people. To do this, I analyzed my personal ritual for how I plan and execute a day hike and not only addressed way-finding within navigating a state park but also way-finding within a ritual and process of preparation and execution of the experience. By creating a how-to guide, I was able to successfully execute both goals within the assignment as well as what I was trying to achieve. The scale of this project is large because the context that I chose for my poster to be displayed is within outdoor gear stores such as REI or posted within a state park.