Hospitality Club Redesign

Final PDF Deliverable:  Final-Presentation

In this project, we worked in pairs to redesign an existing website and design a mobile application for iPad and iPhone from a given list of sites. My partner, Kristin Kronk, and I worked together to redesign the existing Hospitality Club website. Hospitality Club is a lot like CouchSurfer in that it is a site that facilitates the ability to make connections for hospitality exchange (ie- place to sleep, tours around the city, or a meal-time companion). For this project we created user task flows, analyzed competitors, researched current and potential users, and analyzed the current design, in order to develop a new design for Hospitality Club. We based our new design on points simplification, trustability, and organization. These were the main points that we felt that the current design lacked. The look and theme of our redesigned site was based off of the idea of a passport. Because, by promoting free accommodation anywhere through hospitality exchange, you are also promoting international travel. Our full PDF Conversion Proposal and Reflection can be downloaded in PDF format. While we collaborated as a team while designing and brainstorming, my primary points of contribution were within the website design and the iPhone application design. I also created and directed the mobile animation used within our mobile scenario video (Kristin filmed the video). Kristin designed the tablet application and created the Flash Prototype for the tablet.