Designer and illustrator. Lover of outer space, sea creatures, and cats.
I want to change the world.


Currently working on a project called DSGNR WSDM (designer wisdom). It will be functioning as an approachable, sustainable, and informative way for seasoned designers to give advice and tips to young professional designers. I’m working with AIGA Raleigh to hopefully help it reach its intended audience of users… Read More

Wood Panel

So I decided to do some work with patterns and triangles. Using the same process that I use for the skate boards but on a flat panel so that I can create a bigger piece of art. The Steps: Scan in illustrations Build design in photoshop Engrave using… Read More

Nessie Board Completed!

I finally finished part 2 of my 3 part cryptozoological creature skateboard deck collection. Nessie and Yeti are getting along really well, just trying to figure out who their next pal should be.