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Rosemary & Thyme//Project Statement



Subject to updates and edits.

What is the entity called?
Rosemary & Thyme

What does this entity do?
If it produces products, describe them in detail. If an event, what happens before, during, and after the event? If a service, list the specific services and describe how they are delivered?

The entity addresses the question, ‘how can design make small-scale self-sustaining gardens accessible and approachable for people living in urban areas?’ I plan to try and answer the question by creating a space where people can seek and receive advice and confidently buy herbs. This would ultimately help people create a more self-sustaining and independent lifestyle for themselves.

What’s it similar to? 

List at least three product(s), event(s), and/or service(s) that are similar to your entity. Supply a URL, and describe the ways in which your entity is similar. 

Home Depot//Lowes Home Improvement: Supplies mature live herbs, seeds, and plant advise

Trader Joe’s//Other Specialty Grocers: Sells live mature culinary herbs. Markets as a ‘luxury’ product.

Farmers Market: Sells mature live herbs, ready to plant, with specialized advise and uses.

How does your entity and its enterprise differ?

How is your entity distinguished from similar enterprises? Why would this be of interest to the proposed audience? 

Small scale and local. Personal and specialized advice. Approachable and welcoming for people of all gardening skill levels.

Who is the end user, audience, reader? 

Who does the design need to speak to? Be very specific through a description of a particular person: their likes, income, occupation, buying preferences, cultural preferences, education, family status. Tell this ideal person’s story.
Urban residents. People without access to a yard to plant a full garden. Residents living in small spaces. People interested in growing their own herbs but have always been intimidated/don’t know how to grow or use herbs.

What is the tone you want to communicate? 

Write five adjectives that describe the feeling or approach, and define what those words mean relative to the product, event, or service.

Welcoming/Approachable: The user doesn’t feel intimidated by the environment based on what it’s providing. People feel like they can come in and ask whatever questions they have without feeling silly. All users feel more like they’re in a friends garden shed than a store environment.

Down to Earth: The instructions and design are realistic and really communicate that the point of the service is to bring the outside in, improve life, and help create a self-sustainable garden for the user.

Helpful: The user would be able to access many outlets for help. ‘Herb ICU’ and ‘Herb Triage’ for in person service. Expressing most common problems that the user might run into. Expressing the desire for the user to succeed and learn, no matter what.

Passionate: The customer gets the feeling that they are interacting with people and a brand that is excited about what they do.

Easy to Use/Understand: The packaging and signage communicates information in a way that makes it easy for others to use, apply, and remember. EDUCATION


Where is this entity located, and how will your audience access it?
Describe every place where the entity is present: physical location(s), digital locations, transitory locations. Write about each in detail: which city, which area, what is nearby, etc.

Physical Location: Corner of Hargett and Wilmington in Downtown Raleigh (Stitch).
Designed for a more populated urban city. ie- NYC, San Fran, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta
 What do the designed materials need to do? 

List at least six kinds of content delivery (the “touchpoints”) and the function of each.
ie: “Architectural Graphics: building identification to be seen from the freeway;” “Mobile App: venue map for attendees before and during their visit;” “Environmental Signage: signs to assist attendees as they move from session to session.
Packaging: Explains the care, uses and preparation, and preservation of herbs 

Environmental Graphics: Descriptive signage, labels, helps people move through the store easily

Descriptive Signage: Signage that elaborates on the different uses for the herbs/products

Architectural Graphics: Signage for the user to identify the space
Service/System Design: The ways in which the user interacts with the space

In addition to utilizing typography to its fullest effect, what is your personal goal for this project? 

What are you trying to achieve? What is the purpose of setting out to design the specific content. What are your top three objectives as concerns your development as a designer?

Designing a service that brings the joy and convenience of home gardening to the urban community. Creating a system/service that could be actualized.