Designer and illustrator. Lover of outer space, sea creatures, and cats.
I want to change the world.

Skateboards Complete

Woo! So, a couple of weeks ago, I finally finished the skateboard decks. The first one was hand painted and the second one was laser engraved and then hand painted. Skateboard Decks were on display with a few other designed skateboard decks at the Beehive Studio Gallery in Father and Sons in Downtown Raleigh. This was my first art gallery piece outside of the Fish Market (our student gallery). I really enjoyed this and I want to continue finishing the “Be Prepared” series. I want to complete the series with Nessie, Big Foot, UFO’s, and other non existent creatures that have a cult-like following.



They had to hang this one upside down because of the way it was curved. It wouldn’t hang on the wall the other way.